Video created by: Morgan Kelleher, Angel Lopez, Nicole Proulx, Hillary Van Assche and Melody Ward. Narration by Deyanira Haro.

Community members of La Piedra, especially the youth, face many challenges today. These challenges include limited educational opportunities, economic hurdles caused from high levels of unemployment, absence of strong role models within the community, and lack citizenship rights for Dominicans of Haitian descent.

The design campaign, Comunidad La Piedra, documents a three week immersive design experience in which Metropolitan State University of Denver designers collaborated with the Dominican-Haitian community of La Piedra and the Centro Cultural Guanin organization in effort to positively impact and empower the community youth of La Piedra. This design-centered campaign includes a community mural and message board, road signs that legitimize the community, rebranding of the guanin.org website, and an educational toolkit that demonstrates the learning objectives voiced by the community.

The goal with Comunidad La Piedra is to empower and motivate the youth of La Piedra to experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop confidence to become community leaders. In addition, Comunidad La Piedra, encourages community members to obtain the skills they need to help them actively participate in Dominican society.