Road Signs

One of the first concerns the people of La Piedra expressed to the MSU Design team was the lack of visual signage within the community. Most of the existing road signs and street names were painted on wood that had dilapidated due to constant torrential rain. Road signs and way-finding systems that point to La Piedra could serve multiple functions. First off, road signs would provide a visual landmark  for other organizations interested in service learning work with Guanin and La Piedra. The second function of the signage was a way for the Dominican-Hatian town of La Piedra to legitimize and qualify the 2,000 person community to the Dominican government and neighboring towns.

Members of the MSU design team spent the first week walking the streets of the village, meeting the community members, and talking with locals to determine where two large signs would be most effective and beneficial. Once the designs were complete, the two signs were quickly erected with help from many of the people living in La Piedra.